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Xavier Llonch

At an early age he joined the music community, in particular that of the Flamenco. He used to follow his father to shows held at spanish emigrant gatherings in France.
He has dedicated his life to the apprenticeship of Flamenco: since the age of 17 he has been learning flamenco, both as a singer and as a guitar player. Xavier often goes to Spain to enhance his experience by learning from some of the traditional figures of spanish flamenco.
In 1991 he travels to Portugal and begin his work in Algarve. There he developed his artistic career, by performing at several tourist resorts, art galleries, varied audiences and summer cultural events. Since 2004 he has been living and working in Lisbon.
In 1992 he begins working with the Seville dancer Gracia Diaz, and accompanies her with guitar and singing. They are now partners in his shows, classes and public presentations. In 2002, in this line of work, Xavier begins his professional partnership with the Escola de Flamenco da Sociedade Recreativa e Artística de Faro.
Presently, Xavier accompanies María José Navarro's flamenco classes at Centro Galego de Lisboa.
Throughout all these years Xavier has always kept close contact with Seville musicians, in order to develop his knowledge of flamenco culture.


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